You know, this sort of thing is why they joke about Kentucky.  This boy ain’t wired right.

Kasey Kazee is 24-years old. He lives in Kentucky. Kasey decided that he was going to rob a liquor store. Kasey didn’t want anyone to know it was him, though. So Kasey decided to get himself a disguise.  Here’s Kasey’s disguise:

Kasey's Disguise.

The store manager had some duct tape of his own, but his was wrapped around a wooden club and Kasey didn’t much like that. So Kasey tried to run away. And then a store employee chased Kasey to the parking lot, tackled him and kept him in a choke hold till the cops got there.

And after they got him all photographed and fingerprinted, they got to take the duct tape off of Kasey. I bet Kasey didn’t enjoy that very much at all. – Kentucky Man Wraps Head in Duct Tape as Disguise for Attempted Robbery  ||  Kate blogs at The Original Musings.

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