After the reported confusion about the many happy, entertaining and openly non-political films taking part in this year’s Berlin Film Festival competition, it was at first not at all clear if the jury would krieg die Kurve (make that sharp corner) and settle on giving the Golden Bear to a highly-political and therefore politically correct film which will do its part in the never-ending fight for the “liberation from Hollywood’s dictatorship”, but hallelujah, they did.

First prize went to José Padiha’s “Elite Squad” from Brazil, a realist documentary epic about police violence in Rio de Janeiro. So I guess now the only thing that will confuse anybody will be how come the realist documentary epic about military police violence in Abu Ghraib only came in second (an America-critical, excuse me, US America-critical film is usually the no brainer winner here, of course – Hollywood is after all in US America – but Brazil is also said to be somewhere near US America, too, so there).

As usual, the Berlinale jury did what is was supposed to do and proved the critics and the public wrong by giving them what they need and not what they want. And we should be thankful for this because, after all, if it weren’t for elites like them, none of us would know what to think next.

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