“That Old Black Magic” was the title of a song in the early forties that Frank Sinatra sang so well. The song was referring to love. These days it is more appropriate for ‘black magic’ to refer to oil.
The disgraceful release of Lockerbie bomber, Abdel Basset Ali Megrahi by Scotland’s Justice Minister Kenny MacAskill, supposedly on compassionate grounds, was really motivated by Libyan oil. This whole charade was arranged by Prime Minister Gordon Brown of Great Britain acceding to the black mail of Libya’s Dictator Moammar Gadhafi. Black mail is an appropriate description because of its black oil connotations. Coincidently, British Petroleum received a contract to develop oil fields in Libya. Quid pro quo?
In late 2003, at the urging of Tony Blair, Gadhafi agreed to abandon his nuclear weapon ambitions and the support of terrorists. The Colonel must have had his fingers crossed when promising to stop supporting terrorists judging by the reception by the people of Libya of the Lockerbie bomber’s return. The agreement was a blessing for Gadhafi. It relieved him of the world’s isolation; the possibility of an Iraq type invasion; and relief from his costly, unsuccessful nuclear program. Since 2003, Dictator Gadhafi has the tacit approval of his despotic, oppressive tyranny of the people of Libya. This brutal Libyan oppressor is welcomed by the United Nations and is coming to New York to give a speech there. Obviously, Blair’s diplomacy has unintended consequences.  
The United States’ foreign policy is also affected by ‘black magic’ oil. Our relationship with Saudi Arabia and the other oil producing countries is tempered by our need for this valuable commodity. We sacrifice our principles dealing with these Arab nations that placate us verbally and, at the same time, financially support the terrorists.
America continues to be dependent on foreign oil because of a very powerful special interest, the environmentalist. Environmentalists are a unique special interest because they don’t rely on money for their influence. Their power is their apparent voting potential. Tree huggers are as sacrosanct as motherhood. Members of Congress are afraid to pass any legislation that is remotely regarded as threatening to the environment. Career politicians, so concerned about their jobs, have prevented this country from being energy self sufficient through the use of nuclear plants and the development our ample oil/gas resources.
We need true public service officeholders, who will act for the benefit of their country not their careers. Vote out the incumbent members of Congress so that we can become energy independent.
Art Woodrow


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