FLAG telecom, the internet company who owns the cables off the coast of Egypt that were cut last week, is busy repairing them with two ships at the site.

The cause of one of the cut cables has been found, and is reported by CNN to have been an abandoned six ton ship’s anchor. An the AP reports that the company plans to place an alternative cable from Egypt to France, one that is more resiliant and less likely to be damaged.

At the same time, a third ship from the company is repairing the internet cable off the coast of Oman.

In the meanwhile, conspiracy theories in the echo chamber of the internet about this being a plan to cut off Iran as a prelude to war keep getting wilder, with wider coverage but more and more out of date.

Apparently there was some slowdown of the Iranian internet, but that the companies running the internet soon arranged to reroute their signals via Turkey to avoid the break.

That’s why I had figured. Tehran is quite near to Turkey, so would have other lines of cable that didn’t rely on underseas cable. This caused some slowdowns, but the “complete” internet outage claimed by some websites was not true.

As for “terrorism”, according to an expert cited in the CNN article, that too requires a bit more expertise to find the cable (i.e. submarines, frogmen).

And cutting the cable wouldn’t cut off the US military: they use their own satellite internet for security reasons for most of their communications, and even ordinary troops in isolated areas use satellite internet dishes for routine email and communications.
So much for conspiracy theories.


Nancy Reyes is a retired physician living in the rural Philippines. Her website is Finest Kind Clinic and Fishmarket.

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