Jan and I just want to wish all of our readers and listeners a happy and safe Thanksgiving. In todays world it is sometimes hard to find reasons for giving thanks, but they are there, if you take the time to think about it. Thanksgiving is a great opportunity to forgive and forget. Give thanks for what you have.

Today I talked to several people that I class as friends, they each had unique stories to tell. And each of them gave thanks for what they have.

My favorite though has to be the one from Charlie Boswell. Charlie is a big wheel at AMD (computer stuff), he spends most of his time involved in movies and music. His mission is to join technology to the entertainment world.

Incoming from Charlie my wife announced when she saw the caller ID!

I know and respect Charlie, and I guessed that he would not be in his regular spot Austin, Texas. I was right, he was calling from Missouri, where his mother lives. The man jet sets around the world, but the one thing you can bet on is that he will be with his mother for Thanksgiving.

After Thanksgiving it is back to Morocco for a film festival, then a new movie roles into production, but Charlie will not miss Thanksgiving with his mother.

Whenever I think about Charlie Boswell I am reminded of the wonderful character in A. A. Milnes classic children’s book Winnie The Pooh. Charlie is Tigger on steroids! I don’t think I have ever met anyone with that enthusiasm for everything!

But even Bos slows down to smell the roses at Thanksgiving. So should we all.

Put your schedule, fears, and whatever is gnawing at you to one side for just this single day. Hey, you might even grow to like the concept!

Take time tomorrow, put old grudges to one side, celebrate what you have, not what you covet. Mend a fence, repair a broken bridge, it is within your grasp.

There is much to give thanks about, please take a few moments to do that.

Do a Charlie, take the day off!

Be safe, and have a great Thanksgiving

Simon and Jan Barrett.

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