The Huntress, who is a supporter of the military and their families, brought this story to my attention.
Although I am a news junkie, I hadn’t heard or read that Gary Sinise had given a talk to the National Press Club last week to discuss a new memorial to honor disabled American Veterans.
So I checked out the story. After all, Sinise is well known here in Asia, with his CSI New York being shown on at least two channels on our cable (one Manila, one from Singapore).

Well, it seems that Gary Sinise has been working for disabled veterans for quite awhile, and has been raising money for Fisher house, with little publicity.

Yet when I googled for his speech, I found few reports outside of Stars and Stripes.

Ah, but guess who got all the publicity last week?

The tens of thousands of ordinary folk at the prolife march? Nah.

A academy award nominated actor who stars in a hit TV series, and who discusses a project to honor disabled American Veterans?

Of course not.

The headlines were all of Hanoi Jane and other gray haired activists trying to relive the glory days of their youth, pretending that they brought “peace” to Southeast Asia, as if Cambodia and two million boat people never happened. Well, after all, the victims were Asian, not rich yuppies, so I guess they didn’t notice.

Well, I did find a nice LINK in the NYTimes Politicsblog–not the regular newspaper, of course. And the blog did give a nice summary of the speech he gave to the National Press club, noting he and others are raising money for a Disabled veteran memorial.

Why disabled vets are considered “political”, I have no idea. After all, President Clinton supports the memorial, so it’s not like it’s a right wing conspiracy raising money. Yet the comments to the NYTimes blog include some like Rudolph from Newark who ridicule the troops, saying: I dont get it. This is a volunteer army and they know the risk. ” (echoing both an esteemed writer at the Washington Post and the movie “AIRPLANE!” at the same time)

Nah, can’t honor vets.
Stars and Stripes has the story…and since no one in the MSM seems to have noticed, I will quote it here:

The American Veterans Disabled for Life Memorial is half way to groundbreaking.“We’ve got about half of the $65 million” we need to begin construction, actor Gary Sinise said Friday at a National Press Club luncheon in Washington.

In addition to this luncheon, fund-raising continues with public service announcements and promotions on the foundation’s Web site, The Disabled Veterans’ LIFE Memorial Foundation also will be holding a congressional reception Wednesday to honor former President Clinton and 10 members of Congress for their commitment to the foundation.

There are more than 3 million disabled American veterans around the world. The memorial would be the first built to recognize the sacrifices of living disabled veterans, Sinise said.

Sinise has gone on 20 USO tours to the troups since 9-11. He has also supported Fisher House, an organization that provides “homes away from home” for families with loved ones recuperating from injuries and illnesses at Army and VA hospitals. Earlier this , he an another supporter, Wynona Judd, gave an interview on Larry King Live to publicize that foundation. The interview is found HERE
Sinise is, of course, well known for his hit series CSI NEW YORK series…and as Lt. Dan, the disabled American veteran in the movie Forest Gump.

So thank you, Lt. Dan. I thank you, and my husband, a World War II veteran who always supported the DAV, also thanks you.

Nancy Reyes is a retired physician who spent ten years in the National Guard when she was younger. She lives with her husband in the rural Philippines, and her blog is Finest Kind Clinic and Fishmarket. She sometimes posts political essays to Podkayne’s Blog
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