Since the September 2006 coup against former Prime Mister Thaksin Shinawatra, Thailand’s government has been composed of appointed military leaders. Many critics of the coup have referred to this acting government as a military junta, comparing it to the oppressive government of neighboring country Myanmar (Burma).In the months after the coup the military government had assured their critics that their leadership was temporary, and that Thailand is truly a democracy. They seem to have been telling the truth because, as promised, this interim government has scheduled a new general election.

If all continues to go well, Thai voters will be heading to the polls on December 23rd of this year. This election date is much earlier than originally anticipated. There was speculation that a general election would not be called until well into 2008.

Former PM Thaksin Shinawatra is wanted in Thai court to face charges of corruption, and his political party Thai Rak Thai (“Thais Love Thais”) was found guilty of election fraud and has been disbanded with many of its members banned from politics.

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