I think it is fair to say that the GOP are in some disarray, the Tea Party are a small percentage of the GOP, but are the proverbial thorn in the side. The Republican senate primary pitted establishment backed Thad Cochran against upstart tea party Talk Radio Host Chris McDaniel.

Thad Cochran has been a senator for about a million years, the assumption was that his reelection would be a walk in the park. Not so, the primary results showed no clear winner. A runoff was declared. Poor Thad was forced to leave his cozy Washington DC and actually do some ‘stumping’ in his home state of Mississippi. It must have been a culture shock for the aging gentleman.

Mississippi is a state where you don’t need to be a registered Republican to vote in the Primary. It is open to all residents, all you need is proof of identity.

Thad had a problem, how could he swing the vote in his favor? Simple, the registered Republicans had spoken, so what was needed was to get other people involved.

Mississippi is a red state, a democrat running for election would have a greater chance of winning the Powerball, but what if you could get some Dems to vote in the primary?

That is exactly what Thad Cochran did. In a great campaign strategy he reached out to the mainly African-merican, and mainly poor democratic leaning voters. The message was simple, I am and ass, but my opposition is a bigger ass.

It worked! Better the ass you know than the ass you do not. Thad was able to explain all of the Federal dollars that ‘pork’ had brought to the region, while Tea Party fan Chris McDaniel was talking about austerity measures. Pretty much this was game over.

There is an old saying about friends and enemies. While the Dems in Mississippi have little use for Thad Cochran, the concept of another Ted Cruz taking a seat of power was unthinkable.

Of course Chris McDaniel has not conceded yet, that will take some time. I also cannot confirm that he is scheduled to spend some time in Alaska with Sarah Palin, checking out Russia from her upper floor balcony.

Simon Barrett

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