This is a a guest article. BNN neither endorses nor has any comments as to the effectiveness of this product. I did however recently talk to two representatives of the company and what they said gave me pause for thought, there is a monitoring mode that can be turned on. Why limit the use to just children? You could equally use this on your spouse, or business associate – Simon

When it comes to teen driving, put the danger of text-messaging while driving right up there with drunken driving as Public Enemies No. 1 and 1A on the nation’s roads.

According to SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions) and Liberty Mutual Insurance Group, instant and text messaging while driving leads the list as the biggest distraction while driving.

The study, released in July 2007 and conducted with more than 900 teens from 26 high schools nationwide, revealed that text-messaging while driving is becoming as dangerous as drinking and driving, in terms of inhibiting a teen’s driving abilities.

Yet even while 37 percent of teens rated text messaging while driving as “extremely” or “very” distracting, they continue to send and receive text messaging in their moving vehicles anyway, the study reported.

The dangers don’t stop there.

Sexting or sex texting, where young people send nude images of themselves to friends, leave your teen vulnerable to a whole host of potentially dangerous situations.

What can a parent to do ensure your teen does not engage in texting while driving or sexting after you’ve had the family discussion on the issue?

One company claims to have a technological remedy to censor any sexting or trolling texts and halt texts that might affect your child while driving. representative William Staubs says his company provides a security solution and not a spy service. Staubs says, “Playing the role of ‘Big Brother’ isn’t how WebSafety works. While parents believe their children won’t break the rules, too many do, many times by accident. WebSafety serves as a backup to notify moms and dads of potentially dangerous emergency situations, without resorting to eavesdropping.”

The products sold by claims to contain the world’s largest word recognition library with the most comprehensive and advanced database ever compiled, capable of searching more than 4,000 words, terms and phrases that spell danger for children. According to Staubs, once WebSafety determines a child is in harm’s way, it sends an alert to parents via email and/or cell phone, empowering them to take action.

As we all know, there are many parental control software solutions on the market that can help block pornography, monitor chat room conversations, filter e-mails, set online time limits and customize various levels of protection depending on a child’s age and level of sensitivity. Staubs says that WebSafety does all of that, too, only much more comprehensively with many exclusive, patented and patent-pending technologies and features only offered by WebSafety that have been developed specifically to save children’s lives.

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