Hopefully, the public isn’t siding with school officials and their decision to suspend Sydney McGee of her teaching duties.  Why?  Well, twenty eight years of educational servcie should translate into a citizen that aims to make a difference, in a positive fashion, rather than the teacher the Frisco elementary school is making her out to be. 

If Sydney McGee came to school in a bikini, then attention to her attire would be warranted.  But, sandals?  Students shouldn’t be concentrating on her feet anyways, they should be concentrating on her speech and visual aids.  And the public should be hard pressed to believe they aren’t.  School officials shouldn’t be concentrating on her feet either, but instead on the impact she has on her student’s academics.  It sounds as if school officials are trying to mount ammunition to justify this woman’s dismissal. 

Perhaps they should use better ammunition.  What’s the school’s definition of “enough,” in terms of displaying student art?  Was there a quota she failed to reach?  Updating lesson plans can certainly warrant concerns; however, when teaching art of the past, what needs to be updated?  The art periods of the past are done and over with.  Sure, modern art has changed dramatically over the years, thus warranting updated lesson plans for this period, but why change plans that are effective in terms of previous periods?

School officials and parents alike need to understand art encompasses several different aspects of the world, including nudity.  Exposure to such isn’t going to damage young minds, it’s going to expand the understanding and appreciation of such.  To believe otherwise is an attempt to limit the education of the youth. 

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