Marshall Police were called out Sunday morning about 11:15 am to the Baymont Inn and Suites in Marshall. When they arrived there was 2 small children in the hotel lobby crying and saying that they thought their dad had killed their mother.

According to a witness at the hotel who said he heard the screaming out in the hallway. When he went out to check on it, there were three small children crying. One told the man, “I think my dad is killing my mom.”

Kari Dunn

Kari Dunn

The witness said a man opened the door and said he would be out in a minute. When he came out the room he yelled for the kids to come with him but grabbed the 4 year old girl and left the scene, leaving the other two behind. When the police arrived they got a key from the front office of the hotel and entered the room and found a woman, identified to be the children’s mother, Kari Dunn, in the bathroom covered in blood and unresponsive. She apparently had been stabbed multiple times on her face, neck and abdomen. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

Brad DunnAn Amber Alert was issued about 1:15 p.m. Sunday for the 4 year girl that the father had taken with him which is what led to the arrest of Brad Allen Dunn, 35. He is being held on a $5.1 million bond ($5 million for murder and $100,000 for evading arrest) and is now charged with the murder of his wife.

Police are giving credit with the help of bringing Dunn in to a woman that had received the Amber Alert on her cell phone that had included the description of Dunn’s car. When she spotted them she called the Cass County 911 which was only minutes after the alert was issued. Joanne Morris of Atlanta Texas said, “It was kind of a scary feeling, you know, because I had no idea the extent of why they were looking for them or anything,” She said she followed the man’s car while on the phone with the 911 dispatcher. Troopers saw the car at a rest area between Atlanta and Linden on Highway 59. There was about a 6 mile chase before they were finally able to pull the car over just inside the city limits of Linden, Tx. They were able to get the 3 year old child out safely. She was not harmed. She was later turned over to family members. According to the records, Dunn has multiple arrests out of Gregg County ranging from speeding to assault charges. 

This is clearly a case where an Amber Alert that was issued really paid off. It is a scary thing these days to get involved in things like this but sometimes we need to in order to save the life of an innocent child. We need more people to get involved to make it more difficult for anyone to grab a child and run with them, even if it is a parent doing so.

I am sure the family appreciates Joanne Morris for getting involved and being a part of bringing this 4 year old child to safety. I know I do and I don’t even know the child or anyone involved, but I would still like to tell Joanne “Thank You!” May God bless you for your good deed!

Jan Barrett

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