A man from Texas has recently filed a lawsuit claiming that he was diagnosed with an asbestos related disease that was wrongfully caused as a result of exposure to the potentially deadly substance. He has files his lawsuit against thirty one defendant companies, according to recent reports.

According to the plaintiff, Thaddeus Alpough, he worked as a supervisor, welder, and labourer. He has already sued for a non-malignant asbestos related disease, but said that despite this he could still sue again because this time his lawsuit was in relation to a different and malignant disease, unlike the last lawsuit.

He used examples that indicated that a second lawsuit could be filed if the plaintiff developed another illness from the same cause. In the past courts in Texas would only allow one lawsuit over an asbestos related disease, even of the plaintiff then went on to develop another asbestos related disease.

The lawsuit claims that the defendant companies were negligent because they did not properly test products before allowing them to be used. It also claims that the companies failed to provide adequate warnings about the dangers of asbestos exposure.

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