A lawsuit has been filed against a number of defendants including Union Carbide and DuPont over asbestos contamination. The lawsuit has been filed by a Texas housewife, who claims that for nearly three decades she was exposed to deadly asbestos from laundering her husband’s work clothing.

Frances Barras now suffers from an asbestos related illness according to reports. She claims that the exposure, and the subsequent illness, stems from having to wash her husband’s asbestos laden work clothing for the last twenty seven years.

The lawsuit has been filed by Barras and other members of her family naming ten defendants in total. The lawsuit seeks fifteen million dollars in compensation and a further fifteen million dollars in punitive damages. The suit was filed earlier this month in Jefferson County District Court.

According to the lawsuit the companies involved were negligent because they did nothing to stop the deadly asbestos dust from being carried from the workplace to the home, and the failed to provide off-site laundry facilities to stop others putting their health at risk.

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