I remember Rick Perry’s victory speech that night of November 7th, 06. He was trying to project  confidence but it wasn’t really working.   Gathered at some facility or hotel possibly in Austin, the entire group of GOP attendee’s were celebratory but obviously subdued. Like a first place football team that had just defeated the last place team by 1 point.   In overtime.   A win is a win – even with 39% of the vote, right?   Yes sir!  But democrat Chis Bell had shocked everyone by receiving almost 30% of the vote. Most of the poling throughout the campaign had shown him in the low 20’s or even high teens.  Independents Kinky Friedman and Carole Strayhorn (Kinky and Grandma) between the two had also garnered another 30% causing the over confident Texas GOP  to swallow hard.  Beads of perspiration popping out on their foreheads.   The reality:  over 60% of the Texas  vote went “against” the GOP in the Governors Race.  But that reality was quickly wiped out of  the Texas GOP psyche. Like Scarlet O’Hara, “I won’t think about it. I’ll think about it tomorrow”.  

Meanwhile a few hours drive north in Dallas County there were no GOP celebrations on election night.  This was the night of the long knives and the Democrats were carving. County judges, commissioners, the DA’s office all had been controlled by Republicans.  But no more.  GOP candidates were falling like dominoes.  In the past many of these positions had gone uncontested because the Democrats knew it was a waste of time in ultra red  Dallas County. But one thing about Democrats,  they never allow themselves to become complacent like Republicans.  As a result they now own Dallas County and you can bet they will use every dirty trick in the Democrat Play Book to make sure that they do not lose power again for a long time.

John Cornyn’s Senate seat is increasingly  vulnerable  in 2008. Having won on 55% of the vote in 2002, his approval level now hovers in the low 40 percentile range. The Dem’s, like circling sharks, can smell the blood in the water. link   Its surprising that we haven’t learned that Rom Emanuel has rented an apartment in Austin. It may happen yet.  Some believe that Cornyn’s close relationship w/President Bush is hurting him plus he symbolizes the James Baker “old guard” wing of the GOP. Which isn’t helping him either.  link
But the major problem being  his timidity about confronting President Bush and Karl Rove regarding the illegal/open border issue.

So what is going on with Republican voters in Texas?  The GOP has been able to depend on Texas to stay Red to the bone since 1986.  Governor, State Houses, a majority of GOP Congressman to the House and both Senators.  Its inconceivable that Texas would return [like a dog to its vomit] to the Democratic Party! If you visit the Dem websites they correctly identify that Texas GOP voters are increasingly hostile towards the President and the GOP hierarchy.   Its rare to see the Dem’s right about anything, but don’t despair.  They soon show how stuck on stupid they are by stating the reason for this hostility to be the Iraq War.  In Texas, nothing could be farther from the truth.  Most Texans support the war effort.   They understand why we are in both Iraq and Afghanistan.   Its not a problem among GOP voters.

So why is George W. Bush so despised in Texas these days?  Yes despised by former Texas GOP voters.  The 30% that protest voted for Kinky and Grandma.  These folks, for the most part,  have been voting straight GOP party ticket since the early 80’s.  This sizeable voting block  is growing and has grown rapidly since 11/7/06 because it has become increasingly clear to them that George W. Bush is a rabid globalist.  Unrepentant.  One who believes strongly that the concept of sovereign borders is an antiquated concept. Obsolete thinking.  Passe’.   And these voters also realize that the Republican Party has been hijacked by these open border globalists. Texas voters have seen inside the soul of President Bush and have seen his coldness.  His hard heart.  His meanness.  His total indifference to the extreme suffering of the citizens of this state brought on by the absolute out of control southern border. LINK    Of course the President,  his State Department and worthless Attorney General, after having been pressured by the corrupt Mexican government have railroaded and imprisoned our valiant Border Patrol Agents Jose Compean, Ignacio Ramos and Deputy Gilmer Hernandez.  All sitting in prison now for doing their jobs. Because President Bush feels that the Mexican government complaints should have top priority.  This situation alone has caused many Texas Republicans to view the President as a despised enemy.  And there’s no reversing it at this point.  Its gone too far.  Cornyn might salvage his seat if he would publicly chastise the President.  And I’m talking  “in your face”, aggressive condemnation.   We should not hold our breath waiting for that.

The situation has degenerated severely since 11/7/06 because many believed that the President would possibly have learned something from the GOP blood bath.  But it has become very evident that is not the case. This massive block of  former GOP voters will not be swayed. They will not compromise.  They are in full battle dress and war paint.  They will either stay at home come election day 11/08 or they will protest vote against the GOP.  Even more so than on 11/7/06.  Sen. Cornyn will lose his Senate seat.  While he has come out in “mild” disagreement w/the President on the illegal immigration issue it has not been nearly enough.  This huge block of  Texas GOP voters are not in the forgiving mood and their numbers are significant enough to sway the vote against the GOP by simply bowing out of the process.   Texas, as I understand it,  has 34 electoral votes 2nd only to California.  All 34 electoral votes will go to the Democratic candidate in Nov 08.  This is my prediction and my opinion.  Unless the President and the GOP hierarchy make some kind of miraculous turn around. 

I hope and pray that I am wrong in what I predict here. I’m not happy about it nor am I joyous about the flock of  globalist scoundrels that are trashing our GOP on a state and national level.  But if they  would take the time to listen to the callers calling in to  local talk radio shows here in Texas, read some Texas based conservative blogs and talk to  folks on the street. They would soon realize the graveness of the situation.   Again, I hope I’m wrong in my assessment that Texas will be the next major Battleground State.       DD 


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