This is a case where your vote absolutely counts. Control of the Texas State Senate rests in your hands.

Texans in state senate district 10 need to get to the polls on Election Day and vote the conservative Dr. Mark Shelton to replace Liberal Wendy Davis. The district’s demographics are in Dr. Shelton’s favor, and he’s exactly the Conservative we want in public office. Davis has supported tax increases and Obamacare, voted against common sense fiscal responsibility to benefit her union pals, used her office for personal gain, and is so rabidly pro-choice that she’s opposed to the most basic common sense pre-procedure requirements.

Davis represents everything about Liberals who must be removed from office.

Removing Davis also would reduce the number of Democrats to 11, below the 12 necessary to block a quorum, create a filibuster, or do anything else requiring a two-thirds vote. Since Democrats ran away to Alberquerque in 2003 to avoid a quorum, this election is critical.

The good news is that the numbers are very much in Dr. Shelton’s favor. The district is 10% more Republican than Democrat, and undecided voters are 49% Republican vs. 17% Democrat. Right now, it’s about name recognition. The more people get to know Dr. Shelton, the better his chances are.

For the moment, however, let’s focus on Davis.

Bizarre Pro-Life Votes

Abortion is a controversial issue. However, there are certain basic common sense procedures that everyone should agree upon regardless of your stance on the issue…unless you are a hardcore Liberal like Davis.

The 2011 Legislature had the wisdom to pass SB16, which Davis opposed. It had basic common sense provisions. Shouldn’t a physician be required to inform abortion patients of information like, you know, his name? Shouldn’t a patient know the risks of the procedure, commonly known as informed consent? Shouldn’t a patient sign a form indicating that she acknowledges the consequences of the abortion? What’s wrong with providing an abortion patient a list of all support services for pregnant women, including child support requirements for the father? None of this is unreasonable, except to Davis.

Here’s the real kicker – most abortion clinics do a sonogram to determine the baby’s age, but don’t normally allow a woman to see the sonogram or have it explained to her. The bill allowed women the choice whether or not to see the sonogram and have it explained to her! That’s all it was – a choice. She could completely refuse to see it or talk about it. It was going to be done anyway, so why not offer the choice?

Because, it seems, Davis is only about certain types of choice. This is basic, reasonable stuff, yet Davis is so ideologically opposed to any abortion restriction that she voted against the bill. Then again, since her primary donor is a pro-choice organization, why should we be surprised? This organization, Annie’s List, is nothing more than an offshoot of Planned Parenthood.


I know that some Hispanic voters may be split on the issue of illegal immigration. My feelings on this matter are the same as those who believe people who wish to enter this country should do so legally. America welcomes everyone seeking a better life that comes here legally. But if we offer driver’s licenses and jobs to those who are not here legally, it makes it harder for legal citizens to get jobs in a tough economy. It also disrespects the immigrants who spent time, money, and effort to come here legally.

Davis voted against a bill that would require police to verify the immigration status of anyone that is arrested, which is already federal law. Again, it’s common sense. Why not vote for a state law that confirms federal law? If an illegal alien is arrested, why shouldn’t immigration status be at least checked? Further, the bill required that someone applying for a driver’s license present proof of citizenship. What’s wrong with that? Again, this is common sense stuff for Conservatives, but Davis epitomizes the Liberal position on immigration issues.

Friendly to Teacher’s Unions, Not To the Budget

This one is a real head shaker. A bill asked to be able to dismiss a teacher if they failed to hold a valid certificate from the state Board of Education! What legislator would vote to keep a teacher who isn’t even certified to teach? The same bill would allow the state to furlough teachers up to 6 days to close a budget gap. But no, like all Liberals, rather than focus on fiscal responsibility, she takes the side of the unions that are bankrupting the states. Giving the state the discretion to knock 3% of teacher’s pay via furloughs is not unreasonable in a time of fiscal crisis.

Wendy Davis needs to go. I’ll have plenty more on her in upcoming articles.

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