A recent report has claimed that the presence of asbestos on a New York court room does not pose a danger following testing that was carried out. The asbestos was found in samples taken from the ceiling of the courtroom in Potsdam, New York

The results of the testing indicated that the asbestos did not pose any danger. It was found that the asbestos was not actually in the tiles of ceiling themselves but in the adhesive that had been used to attach the tiles. One investigator said that the level of asbestos in the adhesive was more than one percent.

However, she also added that she did not recommend that any further action be taken due to the non-threatening nature of the asbestos adhesive, and suggested that the situation simply be monitored for now. However, asbestos abatement will have to be carried out if any decisions are made to renovate the courthouse in the future.

The investigation was sparked after an anonymous complaint was made about the possibility of asbestos presence at the courthouse, and inspectors said that employees at the courthouse have “long suspected a problem” with asbestos.

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