The war against the innocent by terrorists is not limited to those hiding behind Islam (the Tamil Tigers and communists are just as bad) but those who say it is all America’s fault need to see how the main victims of what can be best described as “Islamofasicm” are civilians who are Muslim or are aiding Muslims.

The recent bombing in Algiers is a case in point. Some Americans are aware of the terror campaign against the French for independence, but few know about the vicious war there that killed up to 200 thousand Algerians, mainly civilians by terror attacks, in the 1990’s.

Yet the MSM like this International Herald Tribune (AKA NYTimes Europe) article sentimentalizes the 63 year old “suicide bomber”. Just an ordinary bloke, who got involved with radical Islam 20 years ago, and so it’s the government’s fault he killed a lot of innocent civilians.

Then this CNN article includes lots of details about how those who planned the murders are gloating:

The group called the operation “another successful conquest and a second epic that the knights of faith have dictated with their blood, defending the wounded Islamic nation and in defiance to the Crusaders and their agents, the slaves of America and the sons of France.”

And this BBC article has a list of a whole slew of similar attacks LINK 

So who were hit in this glorious (sarcasm) attack?

One of them was a woman finance officer who was working for the UN. Her name is Gene Luna. Her body will be returning home today for burial.

She had been working for the UN Food Program in Afghanistan, and had only recently been transfered to Algiers.

The World Food Program is no stranger to danger:

Sheeran said that despite the many security measures that WFP and other UN agencies have taken, this tragedy was a strong reminder of the risks that humanitarian workers take to help the poor and the hungry.

So far this year, 36 humanitarian workers serving WFP have been killed, injured or detained.

WFP is the world’s largest humanitarian agency: last year we gave food to 88 million people – mostly women and children – in 78 of the world’s poorest countries.

Their website is HERE.

Yesterday, I posted an article correcting an LA Times article that essentially said the Gate’s Global Foundation didn’t do enough: one criticism was that people needed food, not just medicine.

But if you work in Public Health in many of these countries, you don’t just use one aid program: You use several, and coordinate all of them in your area.

Our hospital used Oxfam to fund our Village Health Workers. I supervised three clinics, one tribal funded, one federal funded, and one run by a church. Tuberculosis clinic was run by the government (as is leprosy clinics in another African country where I worked). Planned Parenthood had “pill ladies”. A German grant allowed the local Catholic mission to sponsor well digging classes. We also had Nutrition villages, under fives Clinics, low cost high protein food supplements, and school lunches funded by various agencies, often cooperating with the government’s public health programs.

The UN Food Program works with these local organizations, providing not just food but funding and expertise for local projects to improve “food security” in the future.

Gene Luna didn’t work on the front line, but as a Finance officer…but having worked on the front line, I know that often trained bureaucrats are the difference between a successful project and one that withers in the proposal stage.

So instead of reading long sympathetic articles about why someone decided to become a mass murderer, maybe you should ponder why someone is willing to go to risky areas overseas to help other people:

“She seemed to know everybody as she [used to] greet everyone she sees or meets,” said Leyco. “Gene [was] also a stoic person. She [was] somebody who [was] not easily affected by problems which is the reason why she ha[d] a jolly personality.”

Molly Paredes, another friend, agreed.

“Kapag tumawa siya, halakhak talaga [When she laughed, she really laughed
loud],” Paredes said. “No wonder she was our school’s cheerleader.”..

“We usually play roles and she would always be a nurse or a banker,” Leyco said. These interests, according to Leyco, may have been the reasons why Luna joined the UN-WFP as a finance officer.

So, the cheerleader went from working with the scouts and a local civic organization to working with the UN.

You know, whenever the press publicizes suicides, terrorist attacks, mass murderers at malls or schools, or other terrible crimes, what they are doing is encouraging other sick people to do the same thing.

I say we give the Gene Luna’s equal time.

How about it, CNN?


Nancy Reyes is a retired physician living in the rural Philippines. Her website is Finest Kind Clinic and Fishmarket.

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