In Harrisburg Pennsylvania on May 21st school was released early because of threats on the bathroom walls in the school. After all the school shooting incidents threats are taken very seriously even ones on a bathroom wall.

Today a 15-year-old will be charged with terrorist threats, institutional vandalism, and disorderly conduct in addition to school punishment. This is all for words on a bathroom wall. I think everyone should be talking to their kids about this girl as this could easily have been any child involved with the ups and downs of the middle school social structure.

This is almost always the time of year when these types of threats happen and what does it take to make students more aware that the laws apply even to them. If you would answer some questions in the comments as I would love to know:

  1. Do you remember the feelings you had in school and did you think you could get away with anything?
  2. What would your punishment been had you written a threat on the wall?
  3. Were you bullied like this and threatened?


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