By David Schussler

The struggle the United States and coalition forces are having in Iraq and Afghanistan with the war on terror is mainly due to military history. Our generals and war strategists base our military efforts on experience and historical results of past wars. This war is very different. Although the sorties and individual battles may be typical of other situations of the past, the enemy is not well defined. As was in Korea and Viet Nam, the allies and enemies all look alike. Often smiling, appearing friendly, and surrounding themselves with innocent civilians, the enemy will lash out with a vengeance and without concern for collateral injury.

The geograghical boundaries of this war have no limits. Bin Laden and Al Quaida declared war on the United States five years ago, however, pods of radical Islamic terrorists have been, and are now, embedded in our societies all over the world acting like regular citizens while holding the free world in seething contempt. The religious abhorrence that they feel is like a disease. It is a mental disease caused by beliefs that allow them to embody hatred. The hatred they feel overwhelms their spiritual and common sense and becomes their strongest passion and life mission’s incentive. Most of the embedded terrorists are well educated and assimilated into the societies that they have lived in. Some have pursued careers for years. All have been influenced by radical clergy and friends who believe that they are the only true people of God and all others are infidels and must be eradicated. They are convinced that they must be ready at any time to receive orders to attack and kill as many infidels as possible.

Most of the terrorists in Iraq and Afghanistan are not well schooled and come from poverty and broken lives. The clerical intelligencia that recruits them offers them a better life and an opportunity to martyr themselves for a cause. This, they feel, is an improved life compared to the future they had before. They are befriended, fed, clothed, and given respect that they did not have previously.

Not all of Islam, but these radical Islamic terrorists, are religiously brainwashed by perverted spiritual teachings to the point of being diseased with irrational hatred.

Like a cancer, this disease has been, and is continuing to spread around the world. The killing is not limited to the current wars in the Middle East with a few incidents elsewhere. Over the past 30 years no less than 72 Islamic terrorist groups have killed hundreds of thousands of innocent people in many countries. In Malaysia and the Philippines, Islamic terrorists have been financed by the Middle East and through ransom and extortion for over 20 years. Terrorism against Israel has been going on for decades. Likewise similarly endorsed groups of Islamic terrorists in the UK, Turkey, and Spain have struck terror in 16 countries over the past 25 years, usually targeting airports, embassies, and a variety of other populated areas with 40% of the attacks being against civilians and private property. Well financed terrorists are exploiting African states with conscription and bully bravado. No one attack, however, has been greater than the attack on 9/11/01 on the United States. Yesterday from a tape made available on a militant web site, a man introduced as Abu Hamza al-Muhajir said Al Qaeda has 12,000 fighters at the ready in Iraq. “We will not rest from our Jihad until we are under the olive trees of Rumieh and we have destroyed the dirty black house — which is called the White House,” al-Muhajir said. (Associated Press, Friday, Nov. 10).

Today’s technology has ratcheted up the need for immediate protection against these attacks with the current threat of chemicals and dirty bombs imminent.

This perverted Islamic hatred disease must be cured. No one is born with this disease, it is a sickness that is contracted by contact. Like some other illnesses it could be prevented with proper education. What do we do to prevent the onslaught of any illness that is obviously epidemic and should be battled as an epidemic disease?

1) Self examination – We check ourselves for breast cancer, skin cancer, blood and heart diseases, Alzheimer’s, etc. What about a cancerous ideology?

2) We watch out for each other – If we see a friend or loved one that appears to be showing a condition of a disease we tell them. Especially if we know they have a contracted sickness, we tell the authorities and do everything we can to prevent the spread of that sickness, particularly when we know the sickness can result in death.

3) Prevent those who are incurable from infecting others.

4) We seek the cause of the disease.

5) We affect a cure.

What the war is doing is preventing the incurable from infecting and killing others, however, just as we try to prevent Leprosy, AIDS, tuberculoses, measles, and other communicative diseases, we must research the cause and find a cure. This disease is most like Rabies because those who get it want to attack and kill others, and like rabid animals they normally don’t turn on themselves, usually seeking another type. What we are doing now is trying to prevent those affected from attacking and killing others but we are doing nothing to affect a cure. Like Rabies, this disease affects the brain but, conversely, it is reversible and can be prevented in future generations. If we believe (as I surely do) that this will be a long and protracted war, then there is hope. There are some who are incurable, but for most there is hope, though it may take a generation.

The Romans tried to conquer the world, The Germans tried to create an Aryan nation of the world, The Japanese attempted to annihilate the United States and become the world leaders. Their attempt at world domination was thwarted by wars. They are all our allies today in peace. Islam is not even a nation but a religion of many nations and the diseased fascist Islamists who have declared war are pervasive and creatively cunning. The youth and future generations of Islamic cultures must learn that neither Islam nor any other spiritual ideology promotes hatred. They must learn that common sense and intuition dictates that caring for one another and respecting each other is the natural way of life. That all should be free to experience their destiny without constraint.

Start up the presses! Get the interpreters! The free world must develop some simple and informative leaflets and booklets that insult no one and include everyone, and that can be distributed among the restless terrorists and the children of Jihadi camps. Newspapers across the world should make a responsible appeal on a regular basis to end the senseless killing. Spiritual leaders (especially Islamic) must speak up to their congregations. World leaders must publicly stand up against this hatred and for peace and let their voices be heard. Internationally, TV stations should have specials that would appeal to the Islamic terrorists in a moral, peaceful, secular way. Popular musicians and actors could do something really good for a change and create a benefit for the end of this terror. Thoughtful Internet blogging for defense and peace could also be accomplished. Eventually a world wide event against hatred and for the end of the war could be conducted.

There are a lot of poor and suffering in the Islamic world today and they could easily be corrupted by this epidemic. Everyone who believes in life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness should stand up and be counted before the count of the discontented and hateful overwhelms us.

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