Is the first big terrorist attack in Germany really on its way? No, not one planned by these kinds of terrorists, I mean one of those more up-to-date kind planned by the guys with true religion. Of course not, not in Germany. Germany is the land of national security pur (pure). Of course it’s also the land of personal insecurity pure, too, so that makes for quite an interesting mix.

Nobody knows what they want here, in other words. There is no consensus when it comes to national security measures. And there won’t be one, either, not until the first big terrorist attack takes place. Then we’ll all get to watch the Germans go ape and bounce off the wall to their next big historical extreme again. You know, kind of like the way we do, only worse (or better, depending upon how you look at it).

On the one hand, the politically correct German (and they all are, publicly, they all have to be, it’s the law or something) continually blocks his or her government’s attempts to actively pursue potential terrorists – see biometric identification, wiretapping, government computer hacking etc. On the other hand, these same people so anxious about protecting civil liberties are just as anxious about a possible terrorist attack which would personally effect them, only they steadfastly refuse to openly admit it.

Germany is in a security holding pattern right now, in other words. At least until the plane blows up. Than we’ll most likely be seeing laws introduced here that will make the Patriot Act look like some Midwestern traffic regulation ordinance (and we all know how they drive). So fight the good fight Germany and combat the police state you don’t have yet now. Later, when you want it and have it and cherish it again, you won’t be interested in fighting it anymore.

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