The Cowboys Were Upset by the Giants

Terrell Owens was upset, too–Breaking Down After the Game During Questions

“It’s not fair! It’s not fair!”

Long off-season for Dallas Fans as the Giants Head to Green Bay

The stories all said the same thing, only in slightly different ways:

“T.O crying.”

“T.O Cries”
“Terrell Owens Crying”

“Terrell Owens Breaks Down”

“Tearful Terrell” , and finally,

Tearful T.O. Cries His Eyes Out”

What caused all the emotion?

The New York Giants, decided underdogs, sent the Dallas Cowboys packing last night and will go on to meet the Green Bay Packers for the NFC slot in Super Bowl XLII (that’s 42 for those of you who are Roman numerally-challenged).

The Dallas Cowboys were upset by the NY Giants last night and Terrell Owens was upset afterwards.

The Dallas wide receiver was obviously on edge emotionally following the game.

First, the video of the after game press conference.

“It’s not fair!”

“It’s not fair!”

[See Video]

Some said that it was the Jessica Simpson impersonator, pictured below, that had Owens so upset.

As the AP said so succintly.

Tony Romo can go wherever he wants with Jessica Simpson now. Eli Manning and the New York Giants knocked him and the Dallas Cowboys into the offseason Sunday. Having to wait out long, slow drives by Dallas, Manning made his few chances count, throwing two touchdown passes to Amani Toomer and getting a 1-yard touchdown run from Brandon Jacobs for a 21-17 victory that put New York into the NFC championship game for the first time since the 2000 season.

More Romo-Simpson Smack from egossip:

Jessica Simpson avoided her boyfriend’s big game last night so she wouldn’t be blamed if the Cowboys happened to lose, but that didn’t stop the New York Post from hiring a Simpson lookalike to throw off Tony Romo’s game.

Lynsey Nordstrom, an aspiring makeup artist who happens to look a lot like Ms. Simpson, was approached by the New York Post to act as the 27-year-old singer at last night’s game against the New York Giants.

Meanwhile, there were some rumors of Jerry Jones not being happy with Dallas coach, Wade Phillip–and that was before the game.

What about afterwards?

Read rest of story, see video and pictures:

Terrell Owens: There’s No Crying In Football 


Terrell Owens: There’s No Crying In Football

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