Warm up your camera, fire up iMovie and start scouting locations: the Detroit Metro Convention & Visitors Bureau is offering ten grand for the best two to four minute Internet-ready video that “shows metro Detroit is a positive light that is intriguing and captures the attention of the new target audience.”

From the site:

Target Audience 21 to 34, single or married (no children), earlier adopters

Key Insights Detroit is the city where cools comes from – – it is vibrant, authentic and real. Detroit is an urban setting that is more adult in nature then other cities in the mid-west. Key consumer activities revolve around five major categories: cars, culture, gaming, music and sports.

Tone & Manner Vibrant, Authentic and Real

(complete contest rules)

I love Detroit: my wife works in Detroit, I co-wrote a novel that takes place in Detroit, my earliest memories are of Detroit. Still, I don’t really know where this ungrammatical claim — “Detroit is the city where cools comes from” — originates. Do we have a source on that? Wikipedia?

Also, what’s the distinction between “Authentic” and “Real”?

All snooty English major grousing aside, this is a great opportunity for all you D-loving camera jockies; what are we gonna show ’em, Detroit?

(via CreateDetroit)

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