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I am a retired US Army master sergeant. I dearly love my country which I proudly served for 20 years and 17 days, one year and 10 months of which were spent fighting a war I didn’t believe in but felt obligated to participate in, because I was a soldier. My views about service changed today.

I haven’t decided yet whether America is being run by an imbecile advised by madmen or by a madman advised by imbeciles. What I do know, is I am quite sure, our president is not leading us down a path towards disengagement in a war most Americans want behind us. More likely he is the chief lemming heading faster and faster towards the cliff. And we are right behind him.

The US military’s professional leadership in Iraq, each general over there, have said they do not believe more troops will do any good. And what does the commander-in-chief do? He calls in his moronic neocon chickenhawk advisors and asks the whiz kids who got us into this mess in the first place what he should do. That’s like asking an arsonist where to place the fire hoses so the house he just set afire doesn’t get totally burned down.

I opposed this war since before its inception. As a career soldier, I saw no reason to start it and unlike Rumsfeld and others who are no longer on the team, I saw nothing but misery for the brave service men and women who would fight it. I hold Bush personally responsible for the degradation of our Army and the increased threat to our security his policies have created. Our borders are still a sieve, despite fake fences and increased presence of law enforcement on the border. Some border towns like Nuevo Laredo are shooting galleries drug cartel henchmen use for target practice.

This president has proven to be America’s worst enemy and if he doesn’t do what the majority of American voters demonstrably told him they want him to do last November when the pro-war politicians in the Congress were routed and replaced, I believe we should become a nation of vocal and incredibly outraged protestors that make the those who protested the Vietnam War in the 60s seem like a gaggle of nuns at a tea party.

I never thought I would say this, but there comes a time, when the leader of a country is so odious, even the professional soldiers of that country should alienate themselves from him, to save the nation. It’s time for our troops to say, “Hell no, we won’t go.” The only way we can stop the killing of American troops is to stop being Universal Soldiers. Phil Ochs was right, we were wrong. The best way to end the killing of our sons and daughters is by telling them its okay to refuse to go to Iraq.

Tell your children who are soldiers, come home. Save your childrens’ lives, give them permission to openly demonstrate what they say they feel when they talk to you behind closed doors. If enough soldiers and marines refuse to go, the war will end.

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Wordworks2001 is a retired US Army master sergeant who has a child in the US Army. He resides in Indiana and works in Nigeria. He blogs at http://wordworks2001.blogspot.com.

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