The tag line was intriguing, and true: “Don’t spend Father’s Day with this guy, spend it with who really raised you: Star Wars.” Well of course I was going to watch it -I am the consummate sci-fi geek -but should others watch? Probably not, unless your sense of humor runs as far to the Dark Side as mine.

Robot Chicken is a collaboration project playing during the Cartoon Network’s ‘Adult Swim,’ the late night time slots where they air old episodes of Family Guy, Futurama, Ghost in the Shell, and a ton of other less palatable anime shows.

The 15 minute Chicken shows usually consist of 10 to 30 second vignettes where the actors are dolls and action figures that the Class of 1990 is intimately familiar with. Everyone from Corey Feldman to Sailor Moon are lampooned and lambasted in the stop-motion animation series.

For Father’s Day, the Robot Chicken crew reinterpreted the George Lucas (and Joseph Campbell) master-story: Star Wars.

With the blessing and vocal talents of uber-emperor George Lucas, Robot Chicken creators Seth Green and Matt Senreich turned their creative (yet destructive) talents loose on the Star Wars universe.

Scenes in last night’s 30 minute blockbuster included the Creature Cantina (from a different point of view), the Deathstar is under construction, Luke and Leah visit West Virginia (if ya know what I mean), and many more. While I personally enjoyed the skits and the celebrity voices, only you can decide if Robot Chicken blew up the Death Star or if they just laid a big egg.

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