On Aug 21, 2007, the community of Atlanta, Ga., was shocked to hear that minister Thomas W. Weeks III, founder of the Global Destiny churches, had been accused of choking, pushing, kicking and stomping his wife, televangelist, Juanita Bynum in the parking lot of a hotel outside of Atlanta, according to the Associated Press.

Weeks pleaded guilty in March and was sentenced to three years’ probation and ordered to perform community service and undergo counseling.

The couple who wed in 2002 during a million dollar, televised ceremony and wrote a book titled, Teach Me How to Love You: The Beginnings, are approaching mediation on May 13 for their divorce.

However, Bynum will appear in a two-part episode of the TV show Divorce Court, to discuss how she’s through with the marriage.

In episodes scheduled to air Thursday and Friday, Bynum also says she had thoughts of suicide and weighs in on a case involving domestic violence. When asked what advice she had for women in situations similar to hers, she said, “I have to make a decision … to take the love that I had for him with me.”

“I can’t speak for him, but I no longer want the marriage,” she said.

Bynum also comments on rumors of a suicide attempt.

“Suicide crossed my mind … You know, I felt hopeless,” Bynum said. “I didn’t because the name Bynum represents a legacy of people that have gone before me and had I done that I would have given too much power to an individual to not just wipe me out but to wipe out the integrity of the legacy I was born in.”

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