The subject of telemarketers and unwanted sales calls ebbs and flows, but the basic premise is that professional marketing companies are hired to call your house in the attempt to sell you something. Although variations exist, that’s the scenario that plays out a million or so times a day at my palatial compound. It used to annoy the bejabbers out of me until I actually spent some time thinking about it.

My conclusion was that I was taking myself way too seriously. It’s not like the calls were keeping me from Cancer Research, and if I was actually busy I could just let the answering machine pickup. Why did I change my mind? Freedom.

If I’m really going to espouse a doctrine that calls for full freedom of speech and commerce, then I’ve got to allow those companies to try to sell their crap. That doesn’t mean I have to buy it, but it does mean I need to whine to the government about it.

There are many great tips for dealing with telemarketing available on the web, but I wanted to share how telemarketer calls are a source of cheap fun around my house. See, I only keep a landline as a back up, so when the kitchen phone rings I don’t have to worry about it. We’ve effectively de-conditioned ourselves in that respect.

If I’m in the kitchen, telemarketers are greeted with anything from my convincing Asian accent to my equally convincing hard-of-hearing hillbilly persona. That’s when the fun begins of course. My kids gather around trying to suppress their giggles while daddy drives the script-monkey slowly insane.

On the off chance that I’m not feeling particularly jocular when I answer the phone, TSRs can be placed on indefinite hold (the counter) while I go about my activities. I never get snotty with the folks on the phone –they’re just working stiff like me- but telemarketing companies spend about five times the money trying to sell to me and they don’t ever get a payoff. The free market will deal with them.

Instead of getting ticked off, we just try to keep things in perspective and have a good time with the situation. It’s not worth the press it gets.

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