Tarun Tejpal and his pack of “sting meisters” are at it again. This time in a brazen attempt at queering the pitch ahead of the Gujarat Polls. It is clear that the stakes in Gujarat are very high and there is a vast left wing conspiracy to do to Narendra Modi in 2007 what they failed to do back in 2002.

Beyond the headlines and the media hype Offstumped digs into the details of the Tehelka expose to expose it for what it is.

First a look at the actors in the so called expose that the Tehelka is claiming was captured from a spy camera.

Babu Bajrangi – in the entire script of the sting, this guy doesnt implicate anyone but himself in the riots. This guy is considered the most important witness in the sting. With FIRs already filed and Bajrangi identified as a key accused what is the surprise here ?

Rajendra Vyas – goes into great details of what he did in Godhra, again not a word directly implicating anyone but himself.

Ramesh Dave – chimes in on incidents on Godhra, implicates Rajendra Vyas and himself, not a word, despite being egged on by the Tehelka reporter, on directly attributing anything to Narendra Modi

Madan Chawal – first says he saw VHP leaders, then says he did not VHP leaders by name and then claims that later on he remembered that he probably saw Atul Vaid, Bharat Teli. Implicates himself in Gulbarg incidents nothing to say about anybody else.

Prahlad Raju – implicates himself in Gulbarg incidents. Is egged on by tehelka to implicate VHP and RSS. All he says that ‘Atul Vaid told me to move together”. Nothing more to say on anyone else.

Mangilal Jain – implicates himself in Gulbarg incidents. Is egged on by tehelka to implicate Atul Vaid and Bharat Teli, he merely mentions after consistent egging by the interviewer that an Inspector Erda told him he had 2 to 3 hours.

Prakash Rathod, Suresh Richard – Implicate themselves in Naroda Patiya. Not a word implicating anyone else, making passing references to Narendra Modi visiting the site of incidents

Dhimant Bhatt – The headlines says idea came from Modi, the detailed transcript says it was a meeting of local leaders but gives no names. This guy neither has a direct reference nor a direct statement to say on Modi or anybody else. Implicates himself.

Deepak Shah – Implicates himself and Dhimant, has nothing substantial to say except reeling out names of lawyers on the legal team.

Anil Patel – This guy does even better than the rest of them. Not only does he implicate himself but also implicates Congress workers. His 5 page sting transcript implicates people who are already accused and are out on bail. Has some hearsay conversations to report with Pravin Togadia nothing to suggest a conspiracy to riot, only suggestions on bailing out accused.

 All of them are accused and all of them implicated themselves and no one else directly. So that is tehelka for you !

Now for some more incredible claims – bombs and rocket launchers that were never used.

Haresh Bhatt – Godhra MLA and riot accused makes incredible claims of ordering guns and other weapons for other states. Hard to believe stuff given how many days it takes for any truck to arrive from distant Punjab or Uttar Pradesh. He just goes an adding states to his list – Bihar, MP.

Dhawal Jayanthi Patel – shows of a dynamite factory, makes tall claims, has nothing to say about even one specific incident where bombs were used.

Anil Patel – This is the most laughable of the transcripts, the interviewer puts words into his mouth with a single question and all he replies is to confirm yes there are dynamite factories which supply explosives to Ahmedabad.

Lot of sensational drivel about but none confirming a single incident where bombs were actually used. More bravado than anything else, what can one expect in “tehelka” !

The rest of the website is sensational drivel, regurgitating bits and pieces extracted from these transcripts with psychedlic fonts and images.

Watching the manner in which Headlines Today is running this story on live television it just goes to highlight how out of control and irresponsible the sensationalism of ratings starved news channels has become.

With this coming together sensational media which is constantly on the look out to manufacture headlines and left wing radicals out to push a fictitious version of the truth the need for a Right of Center Media in India has once again been highlighted.

Offstumped Bottomline: Great fiction, good entertainment, politically not of much significance in a state like Gujarat which has shown in recent times that it would like to move on from 2002 and not reminded again of it. The Congress must be really worried about its prospects ……


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