Teeth Bite:Waa Juwara Campaigning For APRC’S Essa Saidykhan? Chey Aduna!
Teeth Bite:Is it true that Lamin Waa Juwara is at this hour conducting secret campaigns  for the APRC candidate Essa Saidykhan, in a bid to undermine the UDP candidate Samba Jallow? The whole country is talking again. Waa dining with the APRC under one political platform?  This beats  our imagination. Chey aduna!  Campaign proper is Wednesday, but Waa is currently in Dankunku urging his town folks to vote for Essa. Mbarodi wants Essa to be the MP of the area. His party NADD never bothered to nominate any candidate to oppose the APRC in Waa’s one time stronghold. Essa was Mbarodi’s campaign manager in Niamina Dankunku during the First Republic. The chap was loyal to Mbarodi.  Whether true or false Waa had betrayed the struggle. He has no reason not to contest the Niamina Dankunku MP seat. Yes, he is nolonger popular in the Niamina’s but that  doesn’t mean that he should retire from politics prematurely. He should have tried his chance and see what the future holds for him as an old guard politician. Trying to undermine his fellow opposition colleagues, especially the UDP, which helped to fight his case when the junta openly undermined his rights and liberties beats one’s  imagination. Waa should help the UDP and not to undermine it. There cannot be unified opposition in the Gambia as long as leaders like Waa are not ready to let bygone be bygones. During the past days Essa Saidykhan has been seen moving with Waa. Waa got to get a life and stop this low life. In as much as we disagreed with the UDP’S initial plan to opt out from NADD, we are duty bound to report developments as it unfolds.

Waa Juawara is an influential political figure. For him to throw the NADD towel to lobby support for the APRC candidate means disaster for the country’s opposition. Many believe that Waa is about to defect to the APRC. Waa should be the last person to support the APRC considering the torture and humiliation he has been exposed to by this regime. When I first heard about the story, I thought that it was a “Blackmail” but a further investigation  reveals  that Waa’s non participation into  the said  elections was a deal reached to give chance to his boy, boy Essa Saidykhan. Saidykhan is widely known in Dankunku as “Jesus.” He was a former July 22ND Movement Member.

Two years ago, Waa vows to retire from politics should the opposition lost the 2006 elections. It appears that he is making good of his promise. His failure to contest the Niamina Dankunku seat tells a lot about Waa’s frustrations and possible move to abandon active politics. Waa should be bold enough to say why he is supporting Essa and not UDP’S Samba Jallow. He should also tell Gambians if he had given up politics. The secret vote canvassing for the APRC will not do him  good.

This was the type of politics he applied when he decided to unseat the late chief  Saja Mboge. He told the Fullas and the Wollofs  that it was unfair for the Mandingkas to continue to rule them. Waa personally instigated Saja Mboge’s down fall. As a Divisional Commissioner Waa was widely listened to by the community. Saja who was suffering from an ailing health condition was later replaced prior to his demise. The case of late Chief Top also speaks volumes.

President Jammeh must be rejoicing at this hour. All what he wanted is to see Waa opposing UDP. Waa should take a break and reflect on the past. Yes, he had a beef with Ousainou, but this is not the way to settle oldscores. Gambia’s interest is bigger than Waa, Ousainou, Halifa and Hamat. They should bury their individual differences and tackle Gambia’s enemy Yahya Jakut Jammeh.

Teeth Bite tried to get intouch with Waa, but without success. They said he is in Dankunku to help the APRC candidate  Essa Saidykhan. Halifa Sallah owe NADD supporters about Waa’s last minute betrayal schemes. Sallah is also being challenged to explain why  Waa is not contesting the Niamina seat. Was this the NADD which says it was out to wipe our tears from Jammeh’s one man rule? NADD should clear the air without delay. Halifa said he will retire from politics if he doesn’t win, while Waa is eating and drinking with the APRC at this hour. Halifa also wants to pursue his PHD in the event turns out to be the loser. Chey Aduana. What’s NADD’S future?  Halifa’s statement is not assuring at all. We need a leader who is ready to fight despite win or lose. Politics is not a part time job to borrow Waa’s expression. Halifa should be ready to fight back the enemy no matter what happened now and before the elections. That what politics is about. NADD supporters cannot afford to be lead by hopeless leaders. Be it Sallah ,Darboe, Waa or Bah should be confident about victory no matter what. We expect the APRC crying at this hour and not our opposition. Victory is our. The new Gambia must come sooner or later. Teeth Bite is here to report what’s in grapevine irrespective of who is affected.

Dembo Bye Force Wins My Respect.

Dembo has proven Yahya Jammeh wrong once again. Dembo is telling Gambians that he is not power hungry unlike Yahya who is out to sell the Gambia. Dembo’s move to allow one of his party members to run the Bakau seat goes to show that the man is not selfish. As the wollof said”Ngorr kendukoneye.” Dembo has done his best for Bakau and the Gambia as a whole. He says it time for him to allow the young ones to try their chance. This’s what we expect from politicians who worth their salt. Waa should have borrowed a leaf from Dembo Byeforce and sponsored a NADD youth man to run for the NAM elections or join the UDP vanwagon in the interest of political change. Something is wrong somewhere. Gambians hate to see the opposition opposing each other. Put your house inorder and stop the pettiness. We thank koto Bye force for his courage to take a back seat. Who knows if Ousainou would allow another person within the UDP to lead in the next election. Dembo has set the ball rolling…..This is what democracy is about. Comments and reactions are welcome. Teeth Bite believes that Waa Juwara is doing a disservice to his profession.

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