Teeth Bite: Renmuneh: Who Is DIG Modou Gaye?“DIG Conspires With Banjul Drug Lords To Ruin Our Youngsters.” Teeth Bite Exposes!

We are not in the business of settling old scores with Public officials. Our primary duty is to inform, educate and entertain. Today, we are compelled to expose the Deputy Inspector General of Police Modou Gaye. Mr. Gaye believes that he is untouchable and can do anything he wants in The Gambia unchecked. Well, you must be disappointed to learn that there are patriotic Gambians watching you at this hour. Your private and public life should not be a secret as long as you continued to be the number two man at the Police. Mr. Gaye should be very grateful to Edward Singhatey and his brother Peter Singhatey. They make him what he is today. Call him ungrateful, a pathological liar, insincere, snitch master, General Tamba’s errand boy, you make no mistake. Gaye is a vicious man full of hate, jealousy, low esteemed and personal vendetta. He cares only about his wellbeing and not that of his fellow countrymen and women.

If Modou Gaye thinks that people don’t know his story he must be living in a fool’s paradise. Modou Gaye briefly resisted the July 22ND coup, while serving as the OC of Serre-Kunda Police station. Knowing his past support for the PPP Government, it was imminent that Gaye would hate to see the then PPP Government toppled. He refuses to disarm, which led to his subsequent arrest and detention at the Mile Two prisons.

Modou Gaye has been a stern supporter of the Former Agriculture Minister Omar Amadou Jallow. OJ’S family home in Serre-Kunda was his favorite place after work from the then National Gendarmerie. Some people at the time even mistaken him as a PPP youth leader for the Serre-Kunda Ward, even though he hailed from Eboe Town.

Thanks to Edward Singhatey and his brother Peter Singhatey, his promotion was rapid. Gaye was a close friend to the Singhateys. His relationship with the Singhateys was never a secret to the authorities in Banjul. He was widely feared when he used to head the National Drug Squad. He has been accused in the past of receiving bribes from drug lords in Banjul. He buried their case files without any just cause. Gaye left a bad legacy at the National Drug Squad. Airport anti narcotic officials can tell you about the amount of drugs smuggled into the country during Modou Gaye’s tenure as their OC. Most of the accused persons were let go. No charges were brought against them. We can give names of drug lords set free by Modou Gaye.

To date, no one at the Police Force dares to pick up the said cases. Many drug officers were afraid to speak out against Gaye’s conspiracy with the drug lords for fear of losing their jobs. They opposed what was going on in their offices, at the material time, but were afraid to share their story with authorities that be.

Gaye’s close ties with State Minister Edward Singhatey and his exiled brother Colonel Peter Singhatey was one of the reasons that bared them from exposing DIG Gaye. These officers are still in Banjul and are ready to share their story with the Freedom Newspaper readers.

Just to ascertain the curiosity of his colleagues in the Force and our esteemed readers, Modou Gaye do not befriend ordinary people. He chill out with confirmed drug dealers. Jenkins and Chewngum are his Vou mates. The two are former deportees from Germany on drug related crimes. They are still accused of peddling drugs in The Gambia. They hide under the banner of business investment, when in actual fact they are collaborating with corrupt officers like Modou Gaye to ruin the lives of our youngsters.

Jenkins and Chewngum cannot deny that they were deported from Germany at some point in life. They also applied for political asylum under bogus claims just to deceive the German Immigration. Ask the Hanover Gambian boys, they will tell you something about the two characters. For Chewngum, he uses that fake ID when he applied for his “sukuur.” asylum. He was divorced recently by his Gambian wife. Jenkins wife Fama used to be in the US. She even regretted returning home. We will revisit this topic later when we come back online.

Without any prejudice or grudge, we deem it necessary to expose DIG Gaye’s fake personality cut. He is nothing but a fake. He is not loyal to Yahya Jammeh as he portrays himself at this hour.

Mr. Gaye is on record for having said that he would be Gambia’s next President. What make him think so, still beats people’s imagination. Anytime, novice Modou Gaye became Gambia’s President, some us would quit writing. This no joke.

According to plans put in place, Gaye is posed to replace IGP Jammeh, then Interior Minister Sonko and later President Jammeh. A concerned Gambian who reached the Freedom Newspaper said he was present when Modou Gaye and General Tamba were in the company other girls at a Local Restaurant at the TDA. Jenkins and Chewngum were also present at the material time. Whether Modou Gaye was under the influence of alcohol is a subject of investigations, but what is evident though is that he did bragged of succeeding President Jammeh one day.

We have no beef with Modou Gaye. All what is reported here is gathered from reliable sources. Mr. Gaye cannot deny calling the Freedom Newspaper staffers as cowards. His argument was that if Freedom was brave as it claimed, its editors would have been on the ground to pick on the dictatorship.

Little, did Modou Gaye knows that our absence on the ground does not make any difference because our reporters are right in The Gambia exposing his nasty mouth. We know for a fact that he got two cellular phones- one Gamcel and the other Africell. He also got two wives. One of his wives is supposedly a relative of the President.

Modou Gaye should stop smearing the image of the Freedom Newspaper. We received a lot of stories about him. For a start, we decided to profile him today. There are more heart-breaking stories on the way coming. Stories about his private life, public and sinister plans against his country men. His lies against 13 Badjie and other officers, when the airport had a major electricity breakdown would also be exposed online. Stay tuned!!!

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