Teenagers came and went today from a Vancouver parking lot where a mound of flowers appeared at the exact spot where 13 yr. old Chris Poeung lay after being stabbed yesterday. Poeung was allegedly stabbed and killed by a 14 yr. old boy.
When I last walked by the parking lot at Main & Terminal at 6:15 p.m., there were 10 teenagers still standing around the memorial.
A message to Chris Poeung even appeared spray-painted on a tree by the parking lot.

But Barry Miller, a street-smart pensioner who was present during the parking lot melee yesterday, said as he sipped a coffee in McDonalds this afternoon, there is more to this story than we know: “Somebody doesn’t just start stabbing people for no reason.

For the complete eye-witness account of today’s memorial, see Downtown Eastside Enquirer

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