This is another case to help Americans open their eyes to see what is going on in our world today that is hurting our children. Our children are the future of this world and without them the world has no future. Something needs to be done to stop this.

I came across a news report this morning that absolutely appalled me. It was an article from  about a case in Trenton, New Jersey. It is being reported that a 15 year old girl has not only prostituted herself but she also got her little 7 year old stepsister to become a part of it. They were having sex with as many as seven men and boys at a weekend party.

According to the police, the 15 year old was outside in her own neighborhood when she ran into two young men that she apparently knew. The men invited her to the party and instead of going without her little sister, she decided to take her sister with her to the party.

While at the party she started taking money from the guys to have sex with several of them. Then she gave her step sister some of the money she had been paid to let the men start touching her too.

Trenton Police Captain Joseph Juniak said that eventually it went from touching to straight out assault and rape. “They threatened to kill her if she screamed or told anyone,” said Juniak. Later the girl got dressed and left the party but the older sister stayed. Two women found the girl outside the apartment building crying and they offered to walk her home.

The parents of the two girls reported them missing late Sunday afternoon. Just as the police arrived the 7 year old girl returned home and told them what had happened to her. She was taken to the hospital and treated and now they are seeking to get the child some psychological help.

As of yesterday the 15 year old was charged with aggravated assault, promoting prostitution and some other crimes. The names of the girls have not been released obviously because of their age. The 15 year old is being held in juvenile detention in Mercer County.

It was not known if she had an attorney yet, but according to a spokeswoman for the county prosecutor’s office, Casey DeBlasio, the prosecutor’s office will seek to have the girl tried as an adult in this case.

I hope that this 7 year old child doesn’t have to relive this tragedy in her life day after day after day. I do pray that she does get help to be able to live with this and to be able to lead a decent life. She was awful young to have this happen to her and her older step-sister should have known better than to drag her little sister into this. I can’t think of any logical reason she would do this, unless the men forced her into it too. If that would be the case the two stepsisters will need each other to overcome the pain this has caused. Being assaulted and raped is not easy for an adult to live with. I can only imagine how a 7 year old child would feel. God bless this little girl. Even though I don’t know her name, I know when I pray for her that God will know where and who she is. This whole case just breaks my heart.

Jan Barrett

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