After jumping a fence that clearly had warnings signs of danger posted all over, a 17 year old South Carolina teenager was decapitated around 2 pm Saturday when the ride struck him at Six Flags Over Georgia. There were signs everywhere stating the area was a restricted area but he and his friend ignored the warnings.

They apparently jumped two six feet fences, one a wrought iron style park perimeter fence and the other a chain link fence which went around the Batman Ride, as a shortcut back into the park. Georgia Police have reported that the roller coaster was going full speed which tops out at about 50 mph. Riders on the Batman ride dangle beneath a track and climb and drop the distance equal to an 11-story building and then through two loops and two single corkscrews.

No one on the ride was injured. The friend that was with him wasn’t harmed either.

The boy, Asia Leeshawn Ferguson, along with his parents, was at Six Flags with a group from the Oakley Baptist Church near Springfield South Carolina.

A Cobb County police spokesman Sgt. Dana Pierce said there were many witnesses and the county’s 911 center was almost immediately flooded with calls from people in the park reporting what they saw.

This is the second death related to the Batman ride here. A 58 year old park worker, Samuel Guyton of Atlanta was killed May 26, 2002 when he was working in the restricted area and was kicked by a 14 year old girl on the ride. She was suffered an injury on her leg which she was hospitalized for.

Last year a teenager was injured when cables snapped on the Superman Tower ride at Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom in Louisville Kentucky. Kaitlyn Lasitter’s right foot was able to be reattached but she had to have some of her left leg amputated and has had to have other surgeries as well. State officials blamed the faulty cable and the slow response of the amusement park operator in the incident. Her family has decided to sue Six Flags but they have denied liability in the court filings.

Jan Barrett

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