A teenager from Britain is going to back the asbestos disease campaign of a popular national newspaper, after becoming the youngest person in Britain to contract the deadly asbestos related cancer, mesothelioma. It is not yet known how the girl contracted the disease, but it is reported that she has to battle with the cancer on a daily basis.

Sophie Ellis is still only seventeen years of age, and she was diagnosed with mesothelioma at the age of just thirteen. Sophie is already going through a second course of chemotherapy to help treat her cancer, and is ready to speak out to provide support for the campaign of the newspaper, the Daily Mirror.

Ellis, who comes from Suffolk, stated: “Nobody has a clue where I got it from. We can’t think of a time when I would have come into direct contact with asbestos. It took a while for the doctors to diagnose because they just didn’t expect me to have it at such a young age. They said I was the first teenager in the UK to have developed it in the last 30 years.”

Brave Sophie added: “The cancer has made me braver in a way. It was pretty tough being diagnosed at such a young age and the surgery was really painful. I hope more can be done to understand this disease – that’s why I’m backing the Mirror’s campaign.”

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