A Utah teen recently completed a 74 mile run to raise awareness for people to donate to the food bank. Jordan Maxwell, a 17-year-old from Lone Peak High School ran all day and night on Thursday. His feat was the equivalent of running three marathons in 24 hours. Temperatures were in the high 80’s during Maxwell’s trip throughout Utah County. The money he raises will go to the Utah Food Bank. He and his friends are hoping for a few thousand dollars but are expecting a smaller amount.

Maxwell’s cause is a noble one. About 10% of people living in Utah live in poverty. A family of four living in poverty makes about $20,600 a year to live off of. Utah is ranked seventh in the nation for the highest rate of food insecurity. Because of this, up to 345,700 people could go without a meal. Over 134,000 receive food stamps, only about half of those eligible for them. About 63,000 per month eat dinner at soup kitchens.

Inadequate family income and lack of education are the two main reasons why people live in poverty. Families living at or below the federal poverty level are five times more likely to be food insecure than other families. This is also true of heads of households who have less than a high school education. Each additional schooling is associated with a 2.5 percent decline in food security. Also, one in eight children live in poverty in Utah and about 40 percent of all school aged children receive free or reduced lunch. With all of these poor statistics, the publicity that Maxwell has acquired will hopefully help to bring these numbers down.

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