A 37 year old Wisconsin woman celebrated her birthday in a rare and unusual fashion. She loaded up her four kids into her 1999 silver Ford Taurus and they went for a ride. Sounds like a nice thing to do on your birthday!

The joy ride turned into one that I certainly don’t think these children should have been on though. The mother and son team has now been accused of robbing two gas stations in Greenfield and Milwaukee after they were captured last night by Greenfield Police with the oldest 17 year old son as the actual robber.

Mom drove the getaway car with her other three children in the back seat. The children were a 13 month old girl and two boys ages 10 and 14. According to Greenfield police the two boys were aware that their big brother was robbing the gas stations after hearing their mother planning it with him. It was reported that the 17 year old used a replica semiautomatic pistol during the robberies.

Luckily no one was injured during either robbery. Witnesses gave the police a description of the mother’s car they saw take off after the robbery in Greenfield at the Speedway Gas Station just before 8 pm which is what they used to track the mother/son duo to the south side of Milwaukee. The car was spotted and the older teen ran from the car and was chased by three officers. The mother and the other three children didn’t get out the car.

The mother and the 17 year old are being held at the Milwaukee County Jail pending charges in the Greenfield robbery. The other children have been turned over to the Bureau of Milwaukee Child Welfare.

Greenfield police Deputy Inspector Bradley Wentlandt said police are looking into the case in connection to a second armed robbery which they suspect the mother and son of committing in Milwaukee about an hour before the robbery at the Speedway in Greenfield.

Jan Barrett

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