Elyria, Ohio – Daniel Petric, 17, was convicted on Monday of aggravated murder, and attempted aggravated murder along with other charges.   The state prosecutors said that Daniel planned to kill his parents over a disagreement about the video game “Halo 3”.  Daniel’s defense attorney said that because he of his age and his addiction to the game he should not be held as responsible for the crime.

The Judge James Burge who hears common pleas denied the request and sighted  the evidence that Daniel plotted the murder for weeks.  He faces a maximum penalty of life in prison with no parole.   No sentencing date has been made.  Daniel planned to kill his parents because his father would not allow him to play “Halo 3”.  Daniel had  become obsessed with the game, playing for up to 18 hours a day, some days. 

Daniel got his fathers 9mm from the lock safe it was stored in.  That to me is a gross negligence on the parents part.  I am not saying they deserved to be attacked.  A key to a firearm safe should never be easily accessible,  even to a teenager.  It is a horrific mistake that he was able to get the key and gain access to the firearm.  My children never have and never will have access to any key that unlocks my firearm safe.  That to me is absurd.  Daniel then went into the room where his parents were and asked them to close there eyes, that he had a surprise for them.  Mark and Susan Petric did as there son asked them to do.  Mark then thinking he was going to get a pleasant surprise, went numb in the head from a gunshot wound.  His wife Susan, Daniel’s mother didn’t survive the attack.  She died from a gunshot wound to the head.  Luckily his father survived in case he chooses to testify against the teen.

Prosecutors say that Daniel is a cold, calculating killer guilty of pre-meditating his parents murder.  Daniel fled the scene carrying his “Halo 3” game. Wow I am amazed at this.  I had no clue video games were that powerful in a young persons mind.  I am amazed at this occurrence  What is going through the minds of our teens today?  Parents need to be fully aware of signals outwardly expressed by there children/teens.  Any sign of negativity or volatility  needs to be addressed immediately.  Intervention is well needed in these types of situations.  Tragedy’s like this need to be prevented before they are a re-occurring reality.

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