The murderer of 57-year-old journalist Chauncey Bailey, who was killed last week on his way to work, has stepped forward. Devaughndre Brousard, a 19-year-old handyman for a Black Muslim splinter group has confessed to the murder on Friday. He was one of seven people arrested on Friday at the raids on Your Black Muslim Bakery and nearby houses and will be charged with murder this week. Bailey was reportedly investigating the group’s finances and had written articles that had angered the group and didn’t want him writing anymore. Since his death last Thursday, there have been seven homicides reported in Oakland.

Last weeks raids ended a yearlong investigation of the bakery’s organization. The group started 40 years ago with the intent of empowering Oakland’s poor residents, but since then, several violent crimes have been connected to the group. The group is led by 21-year old chief executive officer Yusuf Bey IV who is the son of the bakery’s founder. He too was arrested and held on a 2006 assault warrant after he allegedly struck a bouncer with his BMW after being thrown out of a strip club in San Francisco. In 2005, he was accused of leading a Black Muslim group caught smashing up two Oakland corner stores. The incident was caught on surveillance cameras. The motive behind the attack was the fact that the Muslim owners sold alcohol to the black community even though alcohol is forbidden by Islam. In October, Antar Bey, the son of Yusuf Bey was killed while talking on a cell phone in front of a gas station. Yusuf Bey died in 2003 while awaiting trial on sexual abuse charges against a 13-year-old girl.

It appears that, though the murder of Chauncy Bailey was senseless and horrifying, some good has come of it. The influential members of this group is now off the street, and perhaps the violence will cease because of it. This weekend, community leaders gathered to mourn Baily’s death. His funeral is scheduled for Wednesday.

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