There is no doubt that Ted Nugent is a character. He certainly does not hold back in sharing his views on life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Of course Ted’s views are not shared by everyone, but he is entertaining. In some ways he is Ted Cruz on steroids.

While I may not agree with some of Nugent’s views, I have to admire his style. He has panache. OK, wrong word, but he certainly knows how to rile up an audience.

His recent comments about President Obama being a ‘Subhuman Mongrel’ even had the Tea Party running for cover. Ted did kinda sorta apologize, but I am not sure about the sincerity. Ted is Ted.

A Youtube video popped up recently. I do not know who uploaded it, but clearly it was not shot on a cell phone! I do know a little about the history of where the footage was shot. In 2013 Ted Nugent  performed a concert in Norman Oklahoma. It was a benefit to raise money for the area that had been smacked hard by a tornado. The concert was titled The Norman Invasion and in true Ted style it was not without controversy. Shortly before the concert was to start, many of the stage props were removed. They were deemed as being offensive to Native Americans.

Ted Nugent does not give up easily. His show went on. Likely to the chagrin of the Native population when they saw his choice of costume.

Simon Barrett



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