The disgraced evangelical neoconservative and former Bush administration advisor, Reverand Ted Haggard is moving to Phoenix. He has also sent out an e-mail to members of his former congregation pleading poverty. Pastor Ted is seeking financial donations so he and his wife can attend college full time while living in Phoenix and helping to minister to young men afflicted with the demon of homosexual lust.

The former head of the ten thousand member new life mega church and ex-head of the powerful religious lobby, The National association of evangelicals who received upwards of $336,000 dollars in salary, bonus and severance pay in 2006. Currently owns a house in Colorado springs worth $715,000 dollars but still hopes the faithful will help support him and the family so he and his wife can attend college full time.

Say what you will, The man has BALLS, A big shiny brass set to be sure.

So to sum up, A man with a mansion who spent a decade preaching against the evils of homosexuality, while paying for male whores is now cured of the affliction and wants the faithful to support him.

I have little doubt the deluded will respond to pastor Ted’s plea with enthusiasm, cash and praise for Jesus, Confident in the knowlege a blush of young boy’s in Phoenix, suffering and in bondage to the legions of homosexual servants of Satan will find release in the warm embrace of Pastor Ted, again and again and again

P.S. Burton for The Phoenix Sentinel

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