Robert Scoble crashed the party before the ink was dry on Dave Sifrey’s invitation to check out the redesign of Technorati.

Dave Sifrey on the redesign:

As I’ve blogged about before, the world has changed. Whereas folks using Technorati a couple of years ago were predominantly coming to us to search the blogosphere to surface the conversations that were most interesting to them, today they are increasingly coming to our site to get the 360 degree context of the Live Web – blogs of course, but also user-generated video, photos, podcasts, music, games and more. They want all the good stuff out there, all in real-time, and we’re using the power of 80 million bloggers to help organize it and make it fun to browse; using the wisdom of crowds as a mirror on ourselves. Have a look at the new homepage:

This is being facilitated by the phenomenon of tags and tagging, which helps to unify and organize the rapidly expanding world of user-generated media. As more and more publishing tools support the use of tags, the better we are able to assemble collections of social media based on the interests of our users.

The world has changed. This isn’t just about blogs anymore. And to be of service to you, we have changed too.

Quick highlights:

  • Search now returns everything — you no longer have to know the difference between tags and keywords
  • Simpler user interface
  • More context
  • New features like a topic crawl at the top of the page
  • Improvements to old features like Where’s the Fire? and Favorites

Robert Scoble’s reax: it rocks! it’s fast! it beats Google:

The newly-relaunched Technorati exposes a weakness in Google’s armor. I just tried a bunch of searches. Technorati does “Live” search MUCH MUCH better than Microsoft and even better than Google’s Blog Search.

I predict that, with this update, Technorati will become a quick takeover target. If I were at Microsoft I’d be spending a few corporate hours wining and dining Dave Sifry.

Technorati is so superior to all the other blog search engines now that it isn’t even funny. Why can 45 people at Technorati beat Google yet Microsoft, with its billions of dollars, can’t get any traction?

The answer? Technorati is a small idea. It takes one tiny little niche away from Google. It doesn’t try to compete with the main Google engine.

Competition is a wonderful thing.

Without Apple, Microsoft would petrify — it’s icon could become Uncle Bill as an Easter Island stone face.

Without Microsoft, Apple would flabbify — going all artsy-fartsy and too cute to stand.

Both Apple and Microsoft benefit from Linux snapping at their heels.

As far as I can tell, everybody benefits from the open source community donating passion and detail and eyeballs on code.

So, for Microsoft and Google and Yahoo!, the good news this morning is that Technorati is eating the pretzels from their lunch.

The bad news this morning is that Technorati is eating their lunch…

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