Technology is continually reaching new heights, especially for internet-related fields. These constant advances breed constant business between people who have never met face to face, nor are ever likely to. When a small businessman in New Jersey hires a graphic designer in Seattle, they do almost all of their business via the internet. Emails, Instant Messaging, Video and Voice Conferencing, digital signature providers, and scanned or shared documents are just a few of the huge array of online tools available for accomplishing the problems with long-distance business.

Other users may find these programs extremely useful, even if they don’t have a business partner in Europe. Emails provide a written record of in-company communiqué, shared documents (such as GoogleDocs) are always backed up in their most recent form to an off-site location, digital signatures- such as those signed through DocuSign-are not only more secure, but digitally signed documents take up less space than hardcopy.

And it looks like DocuSign at least is in it for the long haul.  The company recently received over $47.5 million in funding according to CEO Keith Krach’s website. This funding is earmarked primarily for research and development to expand the e-signature platform, as well as expansion into other industries and other countries.

Maybe one day we’ll live in a world where dinosaurs like fax machines have finally died out, and paper is a piece of the past.

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