Anyone noticed that spam is filling up your inbox? No, it’s not your imagination, experts are saying the volume has increased up to 300 percent — depending who you talk to.

As usual – in the technology versus technology battle – the bad guys seem to have defeated a lot of the countermeasures (spam-filters) that have been developed in recent years.

If you would like to see all the technical explanations, Network World did an excellent article with links to previous articles, here.

According to the Network World article, a certain Amichai Inbar a.k.a. John Che Blau and Jonathan Blau is behind a lot of it (operating out of Tel-Aviv).

I’m sure there are those developing additional countermeasures – which will be made available at a price – but I have a better idea. Use existing laws to take away Mr. Inbar’s “ill-gotten proceeds” and put him and all his friends where they belong (prison).

Once they start taking away all the “ill-gotten proceeds,” there would probably be plenty of it to fund additional legal actions!

So far as countermeasures being developed to meet this latest threat, history dictates that in a matter of time, they will be obsolete, also.

It probably wouldn’t be hard to find the “spam kings,” they don’t seem to be hiding in caves on the Pakistani/Afghani frontier.

In fact, according to Spamhaus – the largest point of origin by far is the United States.

Perhaps, Microsoft is setting the example (after themselves being attacked for years) and taking legal action.

In my opinion, Microsoft is leading the way towards an effective resolution of this problem.

Here is an interesting site from “Ban Spam,” with International contacts on where to report spam (broken down by all the different scam variations and countries).

The more spam that is reported provides valuable intelligence to those, who are taking legal action to stop it.

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