Well, everyone else does it, so I thought I would enter the fray.

10. Apple will have a new iThing, this one will do everything but wipe your bottom after going to the iToilet.

9. Microsoft will bring Bob back. He is sorely missed, and this could be the perfect app for windows phones.

8. Facebook will announce that they are running for the 2012 presidential elections. The platform will be about saving money. The House and Senate will be replaced by the Like button.

7.  Someone will figure out what the hell Twitter is.

6.  Spam will once again just be something in a can that you find in the canned meats isle in your local supermarket.

5. Cell phones will become so small that many people will have an Android implanted in one ear lobe and an iEar implanted in the other.

4. Wolfram Alpha will answer the Douglas Adams ultimate question of Life The Universe And Everything and come up with the answer of 41.999999999999999 then discover that the problem was from an older server running Pentium Pro cpu’s.

3. AOL will become a wholly owned subsidiary of 7/11 and be free with the purchase of a Big Gulp.

2. IBM boffins will discover that what the world needs are Personal Computers. They will take the world by storm with an 8 bit system that boasts no hard drive, and no software.

1, The biggest selling item at Staples will be boxes of 80 column punch cards. In retaliation Apple will introduce the iHollerith, a hand held device that can not only read the punch cards but allow you to listen to your favorite tunes at the same time. Microsoft will respond with a device that not only reads the cards, plays the tunes, but includes the ‘Chad Bin’. This will be similar to the Recycle Bin. The Chad Bin will be the deciding factor in the 2012 elections!

Nostradamus move over, there is a new guy in town!


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