There was an interesting post on the official Nader 2008 blog recently that called out some prominent American liberals for going against their own beliefs and supporting the Democratic Party. “It is just shameful that prominent American liberals continue to support the corrupt Democratic Party. People like Eric Alterman, Medea Benjamin, David Corn, Ariana Huffington, Robert Kuttner, Victor Navasky, Harold Meyerson, Morton Mintz, Wes Boyd, John Nichols, Katha Pollitt, Jesse Jackson, Matthew Rothschild, Bernie Sanders, Micah Sifry, Robert McChesney, James Fallows, Markos Moulitsas and Katrina vanden Heuvel,” the blog said.

After pointing out that these people agree with Nader on the major issues, Team Nader called these liberals cowards. “This is shameful and cowardly political behavior. And until it is reversed, the Democratic Party will have them by the nose and will continue to pull them through a relentless slide into the abyss. They will be taken for granted – as they have been every four years in the past, and will be every four years in the future.”

Their support for the Democrats has nothing to do with where to buy propecia in malaysia Nader, and everything to do with a closed two party system that has a stranglehold on the political process in this country. I believe that America would be better off with more viable third parties. The current two party system is the Petri dish that has fostered the growth of the special interest money that has taken over our political system. Third parties should play a vital role in our democracy.

If we had more parties, then the interests of the many would be truly represented. The abovementioned liberals aren’t being cowardly, just realistic. They would love to support Nader if the system wasn’t rigged against him and every other third party candidate. Don’t think for a minute that any one of those liberals wouldn’t be punished by the Democratic Party if they publicly supported Nader. I’ll bet many of them don’t like the game, but they know how it’s played. Until America demands third parties, sometimes we will only have the real choice of the lesser of two evils.

Nader Blog:

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