A teacher from the UK has urged her union conference to start campaigning with regards to asbestos in schools in the UK, after she was diagnosed with the deadly asbestos related cancer, mesothelioma. She has been teaching for thirty years, and was diagnosed with the cancer in June of last year.
Carole Hagedorn has been teaching at various UK schools for thirty years, and said that she developed the cancer as a result of exposure to asbestos whilst working in these schools. She addressed the Nasuwt union conference urging for campaigning against asbestos in schools.
The fifty eight year old former teacher has now had to retire due to the state of her health. She said that teachers needed to get involved with campaigning against asbestos in schools, stating that it was not too late for others even if it was for her.
Hagerdorn said: “Why should a teacher expect to get an industrial disease? The pain can be worse than lung cancer. It’s too late for me, but it’s not too late to get rid of asbestos.”

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