I remember it being a joke in my family as I was growing up that you can never find too many uses for a roll of duct tape. There have been jokes spread out all over how a Man without a roll of duct tape in his tool box was unheard of.

This morning as I was browsing around online I ran across an article that I just had to write about. It amazed me and to be honest I have never even considered this as a use for the tape.

Apparently though, a teacher in the state of Oregon found another use for it. When her student didn’t want to sit down in his seat she got out the duct tape and taped him to his chair forcing him to sit still.  Well I guess that is one way of handling the situation but I wouldn’t want my child handled this way.

When I was in school, if there was a situation such as this the child was sent to the principal’s office where he would receive a paddling or the school would call his/her parents. Even in my day I doubt seriously that the use of duct tape would have been approved of to tape the child to a chair.

Don Kordosky, the superintendent from the Oakridge Elementary School didn’t make the teacher’s name public but did confirm that the teacher had been suspended. The 9-year old boy’s mother, Becky Faile claims her son was taped from the knees and continued up to his chest. She says that because her son wouldn’t sit still is not a good excuse for the teacher to humiliate him in front of the class. The family has contacted an attorney about the incident.

According to the Seattle Times, The Oregon State law states that a teacher can use reasonable physical force upon a student when they find it necessary.

 Jan Barrett

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