A teacher and a student journalist have recently printed a story in a high school newspaper, claiming that they found asbestos present in samples that that were taken from the science classroom at the Indiana high school. The asbestos is said to have been found in the classroom at Central High School.

The report in the newspaper was entitled “Questions persist over air quality.” As a result of the report school administrators contacted students and their parents, claiming that the student journalist and the teacher had been “involved in the unauthorized disturbance of the encapsulated asbestos.”

Central High School Principal Christopher Smith said: “Two classrooms were involved in the unauthorized sampling of encapsulated asbestos. As a safety precaution, the two classrooms have been closed until independent asbestos contractors can be retained to clean the classrooms and to encapsulate asbestos where needed.”

He added: “IDEM has been here at least eight times over the last year or two and done surprise inspections, surprise samplings, and we passed every single one of them. We will continue to investigate and make sure we meet all federal and state regulations, make sure we comply with all those things they ask us to comply with.”

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