Atlanta, GA – Tea Party Patriots has teamed up with concerned citizens in Atlanta and Chicago to hold a protest of CNN on Friday June 5, 2009 at CNN Headquarters in Atlanta and the CNN Chicago Bureau. The protest will begin at 10:00am EDT in Atlanta and 12:00 noon CDT in Chicago. Atlanta will also be holding a second day of protest at CNN on Saturday, June 6, 2009 at 12:00 noon.

CNN poked fun at and demeaned the Tea Party Patriots Protesters around the country on April 15th. The interviewing techniques of reporters covering the Chicago Tea Party were unprofessional at best. The repeated use of sexual innuendo and other offensive language primarily centered around an alternate meaning of the word “teabagging” were insulting, rude, and lacked the decorum expected of a professional news organization.

Content like this is not family friendly. As parents, we are outraged that your network incorporated these sexual innuendos and other offensive language into your news content as if they didn’t matter. We do not want our children, or family members, to hear these types of discussions, debates or news coverage in our homes. While CNN has the right to report the news in whatever biased way they choose, Americans have the right to choose not to spend money with companies that sponsor this sort of offensive broadcasting.

“CNN has, for many years, been slanted towards far left partisanship in its presentation of what it considers news. This is no surprise to most of us. But, what IS surprising is the level of hate displayed in CNN’s blatantly biased ‘reporting’ of the Tea Party Movement. We’re here to identify some possible reasons for CNN’s hate speech towards the Tea Party Movement, and we intend to contact CNN sponsors to share our disgust with such an attack,” said Eric Odom, founder of American Liberty Alliance, grassroots activist, and Chicago resident.

The purpose of the protest is to inform citizens of the blatantly biased and offensive reporting of CNN, and to ask citizens to boycott CNN sponsors, specifically targeting those sponsors accepting TARP/Bailout funds. Citizen activists will also send petitions to local mayors and officials who allow CNN “news” to be displayed in municipal airports and other taxpayer funded property.

“Grassroots activists do not intend to sit idly by and watch CNN treat the tea party movement and the activists that are involved in this movement with no respect,” said Denise Cattoni, Illinois State Coordinator for Tea Party Patriots, grassroots activist, and a Lisle, Illinois resident.

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