It is a serious question. I have no problem with people wanting to start a new political movement. Lets face it, the ones that we know and love hate have done little to advance the US in several decades. The tax and spend, un-tax and spend, or just simply spend has not worked well.

The two power houses, Republicans and Democrats have little new to offer. It does not seem to matter which side you pick, it is all more of the same. Big government, big problems, and big deficits.  It is time for a change, and the Tea Party seem ready to take on the challenge!

While they may not exactly understand the world of ‘Global Economics’ or geography (I can see Russia from my bedroom window – Sarah Palin), they are a great source of humor.

Check out this site. There are few political messages.


Wow this makes me feel good! Lets face it, who wants to be slammed with advertising? TPN is subtle, just a great big one at the top. and a great big one under it.

Other than that it looks fine. OK I lie, it sucks! Try this on for size:


It is great that the Tea Party has decided to fix the whole economy by selling vacations. This is an angle that the two boring parties have not come up with. They should!

The Tea Party clearly have a plan, the entire economic problem can be fixed by selling Vacation Packages.


This to me shows true creativity. I don’t want to get into the ‘mud slinging’ but one has to wonder? Why not offer something new and exciting. Of course one hopes that they will not resort to ‘Robo Calls’

Vote for us, we will pick you up,  take you to the polling station, and drop you off at the Cruise Ship

Simon Barrett

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