John Boehner is a very careful, politician. Careful with his words. Careful to avoid alienating any group or block of potential voters / supporters. Its not like him to go-off on a segment of voters as he did in his rant against the Tea Party some weeks back. Some speculate that Boehner was sending a purposeful message. Certainly John’s message was carefully scripted with just the right measure of drama and indignity in the mix. Why? Why would he feel safe in taking this risk just 13 some-odd months before the mid-terms?

Like any other shark politician, John smells the blood in the water. You can bet his aids have provided him with all the recent numbers ( link1 ) ( link2 ) ( link3 ) showing the definite (hopefully temporary) decline of Tea Party support/popularity. Certainly John and the other GOP establishment types are sitting around giving each other high-five’s and congratulating each other. Oh, they’re busy composing an epitaph for the tombstone and they’ll (especially John) will cry big crocodile tears at the Tea Party funeral. All the while glad to get back to maintaining the status quo afterward, just as the dark forces that control the GOP have instructed them to do.

But like Mark Twain, the demise of the Tea Party has been exaggerated. Or has it? That will depend on the leadership. If there is any. What used to be the Conservative Movement has now morphed into what is now the Tea Party Movement which is, more or less – tribal. Each with their own small-medium size plot of turf. There are all of these different Tea Party orgs all headed up by certain individuals. Most have an “About Us” page similar to this: (

link4 ). Vague. Covering a fraction of the issues that need covering. They have a facebook page where they post similar non-stop sloganeering. “Obamacare is Bad!” “Benghazi is Bad!” “Reid/Pelosi! Bad!” “Boehner – Not Good!” And other stuff that most folks already know and have heard a thousand times. To the point that, even though they agree, they’re fatigued by these issues and long for the message/discussion to be broadened. Can’t we multi-task a little, here?

Lets face it, the Tea Party (et al) has become like someone marching around in a circle, banging on a trash can lid shouting, “Obamacare is bad! Obamacare is bad!” Over and over and over ad nauseam. All right already! Your singing to the choir! Stop telling folks what they already know! There are other important missions that need to be embarked upon! Of course we’re going to loose numbers with this narrow, bland, predictable, over repetitive strategy.

When Tea Party representatives go on a Light Brigade style frontal assault against the close knit team consisting of Left, the Main Stream Media and the GOP Establishment, these opponents know what they’re going to say and are ready. Its like Custer’s last stand. No wonder we’re losing ground. We continually walk into an ambush.

If the Tea Party is to survive and even dominate the political process, they’d best plot a strategy that is more stealthy / covert. A strategy that will first go after those dark forces within our own ranks that are making it lucrative for the GOP Establishment to maintain the status quo and ignore us.

If we make the right moves our numbers will increase again – through the roof. Sadly, the reality now is that we’re losing our dynamic / impact as the above mentioned polls show. Let us not be in denial about that. And let us not get discouraged. The Tea Party is still in its infancy and wrong turns will be made.

“Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm” – Winston Churchill

D.h. Freeman

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